16 November 2010 All right folks... I've put up one more build, and it's likely to be the final version of Spectre. The changes are pretty minor, just a few things we implemented for Meaningful Play (such as a tutorial and fullscreen toggle). Thank you, everyone, for all the kind words and support, it's meant a lot to us!

14 March 2010 Our IGF build of Spectre is live! Even if you've played the game before, you should jump over to the Play page and check it out... we've made some huge improvements since January. PC and Mac versions are available.

13 March 2010 Thanks to everyone who gave us feedback, love and sandwiches at GDC... it was an amazing week, and we are happily exhausted. We'll have a new build up very soon. In the meantime, here is some wallpaper we made, just for you.

10 March 2010 Vaguely Spectacular is at GDC, and tomorrow we'll be showing off a new, much improved version of Spectre. We'll keep you posted as the week unfolds

8 February 2010 We've made one last update to our public build of Spectre before GDC. Please, download it, play it, and send us comments... we'll be spending this month refining and reworking the gameplay, and your feedback is essential so that we know what should change (and what we should keep!)

18 January 2010 Amazing news for Spectre... we've made it into the IGF Student Showcase! If you're visiting us for the first time, 1) hello and 2) the full game is available for free on the "play" page!

6 December 2009 We've made one last version of Spectre for '09, and it has a lot of major fixes and changes that we think you'll enjoy. Most importantly, though, we've tested the compression on several machines, so you should be able to download hassle-free! Thanks for your patience, we hope you enjoy the updated game.

5 October 2009 Allright folks, a new version of Spectre is live and downloadable. On the PC side, it should solve the ZIP file problems people have had... and on both sides, it should run smoother and less bugaliciously.

4 October 2009 We are just decompressing from a very successful Indiecade... both for Spectre specifically, and for The Peanut Gallery at large! Spectre received an honorable mention from the jury, and our co-conspirators/collaborators/fellow travellers won the Audience Award AND the Finalist's Award for Minor Battle!

24 Septempter 2009 Wow! Spectre is going to Indiecade!

25 August 2009 Lots of new features on the site. Check out the Spectre trailer on our media page, and leave a comment for the community on the talk page. And best of all, the game is now available for download right here. Check it out and let us know what you think!

23 August 2009 Spectre Numerology: 112 Memories. 52 Themes. 14 Overworlds. 7 Vignettes. 1 Old Man in the Snow. (Big announcement coming soon!)

9 May 2009 Tonight is the opening ceremony of the thesis show, where Spectre is currently on display. Come by if you're in Los Angeles and want to check it out. If you can't make it to USC this week, just sit tight. We'll be releasing the game as a free download within the next couple weeks.

11 April 2009 Lots of exciting things happening here at Vaguely Spectacular headquarters. Our hard work over the past several weeks is beginning to pay off, and we're very pleased with the results. A few more weeks, and we'll be ready to show the game off to everyone!

25 January 2009 There's a lot to be done! We're taking the lessons we learned from building and testing the first iteration of this game in December and overhauling the game. It's going to be a lot of work, but all of Vaguely Spectacular is excited to tackle it! (Check out a behind-the-scenes shot from one of our design sessions here!)

16 January 2009 From an email sent out to the team today: "Now that we have a solid prototype version of Spectre, what changes need to be made? ... Everything in the game is potentially up for grabs if you think there are problems that need fixing." We have a whole semester to go before the thesis deadline and IndieCade submission, so we're going to be going back to the design table and figuring out how the experience can be improved.

7 December 2008 Lots of changes have been made on the website over the past couple weeks. We've added several screenshot images to the media page and pictures of ourselves on the team page. We've also added a forum where you can go to ask questions or talk about indie games.

15 November 2008 First build of Spectre released for the IGF competition. Stay tuned for more information about the game and the development team!